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Our logo is a sacred Japanese Zen Buddhism artistic symbol known as an Enso. The image symbolizes strength, elegance, and one-mindedness. It is traditionally drawn as one brush stroke as a meditative practice allowing mindful creativity. Our Enso is a personalized expression of our desire for perfection in the dental arts. The two teeth symbolize the husband-and-wife dental team with a Zen mindset who strive to perform beautiful dental work and treat patients ethically.

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The two teeth symbolize a husband and wife dentist team with a zen mindset who strive to do beautiful dental work and treat patients ethically.

Our Education

University Of Washington

Dr. Eileen Huynh and Dr. Phi Phan met in Seattle while volunteering during their undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. They discovered that they shared a love for the arts and sciences, and soon prepared to harmonize those interests by becoming dentists who strive to give patients a beautiful, natural smile and honest and affordable dental care.

Eleven years later, the doctors started their own private dental practice that is family-focused and centered on exceptional patient care and experience. Drs. Huynh and Phan have a united goal to transcend the negative stigma and fear often associated with dentistry and provide patients with the ethical care and the brilliant results they deserve.

Our Message

Doctor Huynh


I am Dr. Eileen Huynh. One of my earliest moments where I remember going to the dentist is when I fell off my bike at the age of 10. My mom drove me to the dentist right away and they were able to restore my tooth to full function and its natural beauty. I still have the tooth to this day and was first amazed by the art of how they were able to build up an entirely new tooth. I have always been interested in art and science. One of the most pivotal moments that finalized my decision to become a dentist was when I was shadowing at a clinic for special needs patients. In one visit, they were able to transform a smile from a mouth full of dark, ugly, and broken teeth into a beautiful smile. It has since then become my passion to create beautiful life-changing smiles. I enjoy the challenge of making my dental work look natural and seeing how it brings back the confidence in my patients. My goal is to help give you a reason to smile and laugh everyday. I hope you will consider Elegant Smiles as your forever dental office.

- Eileen Huynh DMD

Doctor Phan

Dear Patients,

I am Dr. Phi Phan. Growing up, I have always had a knack for building things, putting things together, and fixing broken things. Thanks to my very kind and well-respected family dentist who opened my eyes to the world of dentistry growing up, I had a pull toward fixing teeth. These days, you will find me very intrigued with the advancement of technology behind dentistry. I am always studying and learning about 3D implant planning technology, implant surgical guides, 3D scanners, and 3D printing. These are things I hope to integrate into our practice. I enjoy the challenge of taking a difficult case and being able to change a patient’s life. If you have been wondering what you can do to change your smile, I would be happy to sit down with you and chat about it. My goal as a dentist is to be able to make a difference in your life and restore your functional smile so that you can eat and live happily. I hope you see that at Elegant Smiles, we truly care about more than just your teeth, but your overall well-being

- Phi Phan DDS