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Elegant Smiles is proud to be one of the first dental practices in Las Vegas, Nevada (and the US!) to embrace GBT using cutting-edge EMS Airflow® technology. Experience the 21st-century approach to preventative care!

What is GBT?

GBT stands for Guided Biofilm Therapy which aims to disrupt biofilm and slow down its re accumulation.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is made up of a community of microorganisms that adhere to teeth and gum surfaces. It is the main etiologic factor for dental decay and periodontal disease. Biofilm is invisible and tasteless.

Why do we offer GBT?

We believe in providing the most comfortable experience possible for our patients. We also believe in providing the highest standard of clinical care to our patients. Guided Biofilm Therapy is the future of dental hygiene and preventative care.

Guided Biofilm Therapy is much more precise than traditional scraping via hand scaling and polishing. It also causes less damage to tooth enamel and restorations. With every cleaning, our goal is to strive to remove 100% of the biofilm. EMS Airflow® makes this possible, and we can do it virtually pain-free.

We first disclose your teeth with a colored dye so we can see the plaque.

We then remove biofilm, plaque, and stain using EMS AirFlow®. A warm water spray with erythritol powder is used to break up the biofilm. This fine powder is able to penetrate into hard-to-reach areas such as deep pockets, around orthodontic appliances, implants, and even microscopic grooves. There is no contact with your teeth, and most people describe this feeling as a warm bath for your teeth. It is gentle on teeth surfaces and safe for dental work such as crowns, veneers, and implants.

EMS AirFlow® technology will reduce the need for scraping and ultrasonics, however, if there is hard build up on your teeth, we will next use EMS PIEZON® with NO-PAIN technology to remove the older, harder plaque. This method of removal is much more comfortable compared to traditional ultrasonics.


5 stars immediately, amazing staff and amazing place! The layout of the building is amazing, when they lean you back in the chair to clean there's a tv on the ceiling to watch. I've been with comfort care ever since I was born and they were amazing, so I came to Dr. Phan once it closed. Amazing owner amazing staff amazing everything! COME HERE!!!

L.!. Google

I'll definitely recommend this office to all my family and friends. Dr. Phan and Dr. Huynh are passionate about dentistry and it shows. Excited for my next cleaning!

J.R. Yelp

I was always afraid of the dentist but Dr. Phan and Dr. Huynh really changed my perspective. Now I get excited for my cleanings!! Also the staff is very nice and polite :)

J.R. Google

I like the fact that I can easily get appointments and most importantly appointments are on time (never have to wait long in the sitting room). Dr Phan is very thorough. My dental health is on the right track now. Will be recommending him to family and friends.

D.H. Google

Always have a great experience here. Dr. Phan is very pleasant, caring, and takes time to explain everything and get all my questions answered without it feeling rushed. The front desk is really friendly and patient. Really great staff and doctor!

K.M. Google


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The benefits of getting your teeth cleaned with EMS Airflow®:

  • No more cold sensitivity! The water is heated!
  • No more scraping! With Airflow® technology, the need for hand instrumentation is significantly less. No more awful noise!
  • No pain cleaning! With Piezon® technology, a traditional ultrasonic (Cavitron) is no longer necessary.

GBT promises healthier teeth, gums, and a reduction in future dental problems.

The best part is, Elegant Smiles does not charge extra for this cleaning!

** Elegant Smiles is a GBT certified office **

Schedule an appointment here or Call 702-805-4555 to set up an appointment for your GBT experience today!

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