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The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the place where your jaw attaches to your skull to enable you to open and close your jaw smoothly. Sometimes the temporomandibular joint is injured or damaged, causing a debilitating condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder (TMD). If you are having pain or hearing noises whenever you open your jaw, then schedule an appointment with our team to see if you have TMD. At Elegant Smiles in Las Vegas, NV, our team utilizes innovative tools to diagnose and care for your TMD to ease painful symptoms. Your treatment will be dependent on the cause of your TMD and your particular condition, but a few treatment options include oral appliances (night or mouth guards), bite adjustment, dental restorations, and even BOTOX, which can be highly effective.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction could be brought on by an injury to the jaw, years of grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw (bruxism), or a misaligned bite (dental malocclusion). The most common symptoms of TMD are pain or tenderness in the jaw, spasms in your face muscles, feeling as if your jaw is rigid or stuck, and frequent headaches that start in front of your ears. Another symptom is hearing cracking, popping, or clicking whenever you move your jaw. Throughout your examination, our dentists will evaluate how your jaw moves and start looking for indications of teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and misalignment of your teeth. They will also palpate the jawbone and surrounding area for any swelling and tenderness. Our team may want to have digital x-rays of your lower face along with an analysis of your bite to search for underlying causes that may determine your therapy approach. Based on the exam, our team will go over your treatment options, which may include BOTOX, a dental appliance, teeth straightening, or restorative dentistry (crowns, bridges, and dentures).

BOTOX injections to your forehead, temple, and jaw muscles can help treat symptoms, decrease pain, and increase mouth movements. Improvement can be felt within a day or two after treatment, but it usually takes several days to feel relief. Our doctors may suggest other ways to ease pain and other problems on your own, including eating softer foods, avoiding chewing gum and biting your nails, applying heat to your jaw, and relaxation techniques. Our team also can give you exercises to strengthen your jaw or prescribe medication to relax your jaw muscles (and relieve pain, anxiety, or inflammation).

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Pain in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can make it tough to eat, talk, and enjoy your day-to-day life. Since there are lots of potential causes, signs, and solutions for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), schedule a consultation with our team in our Las Vegas, NV office. We will perform a detailed exam before diagnosing the problem and talking about treatment options, like BOTOX. Contact our staff at Elegant Smiles to get more information and make an appointment.

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How long do the effects of BOTOX last?

BOTOX treatment for TMJ at Elegant Smiles offers a temporary solution for easing the symptoms of TMJ disorders. The duration of relief varies among individuals, but typically, patients can expect the effects to last for several months. Over time, the BOTOX injections may need to be repeated to maintain the benefits and continue managing symptoms effectively.

Are there any side effects associated with BOTOX treatments?

While BOTOX is generally considered safe for treating TMJ disorders, some patients may experience side effects. Common side effects include temporary bruising or discomfort at the injection site. Rarely, patients may experience headaches, respiratory infections, flu-like symptoms, or nausea. Our team will discuss all potential side effects with you and monitor your treatment closely to ensure the best outcomes.

Can BOTOX affect my facial expressions or jaw function?

One common concern about BOTOX treatments is its potential impact on facial expressions or jaw function. At Elegant Smiles, our experienced professionals carefully administer BOTOX injections to target specific muscles involved in TMJ disorders without affecting your natural facial expressions or normal jaw movements. This precision ensures that you can continue to smile, speak, and eat comfortably, while experiencing relief from TMJ symptoms.

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