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Clenching your teeth while you sleep, is an everyday problem that affects many individuals. While the most visible sign of damage is the deterioration of the surface of the teeth, clenching may also cause headaches, tooth pain, inflammation, as well as discomfort in your neck and jaw. To guard your mouth against these effects of clenching, we can provide a custom nociceptive trigeminal inhibition (NTI) dental appliance that defends your mouth while you rest. Much like custom night guards, an NTI is made with top-quality materials that fit comfortably and improve the quality of your sleep by eliminating jaw clenching. For more information about NTI dental appliances at Elegant Smiles, set up a consultation at our Las Vegas, NV facility.

Jaw clenching at night is typically caused by stress but could also be brought on by misaligned teeth, allergies, a sleep disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder (called TMD). When our team makes your clenching diagnosis, they also will also try to find out the cause so that your NTI dental appliance can be coupled with another treatment for more effective results. After our team makes your diagnosis, we will scan for impressions to help create your custom NTI dental appliance. Next, we will send your specifications to the dental laboratory where your appliance will be created from the best materials. After it is finished and sent back to our office, you will come in to have it fitted. We may make minor adjustments so your dental appliance correctly. You also will be given specific instructions on how to properly care for your NTI dental appliance so it lasts a long time. The custom appliance should relieve or eliminate the discomfort and dental complications caused by clenching, but if it does not, please contact our office so we can address additional issues or try other options.

I chose Elegant Smiles when looking for a dentist near my apartment and saw the great reviews. I have to say the reviews are only the tip fo the iceberg and if I could give 10 stars, I would! I had clear alignment orthodontic therapy done and Dr Eileen and Dr. Phi were both involved in my treatment. They explained the entire process to me and I felt comfortable throughout the entire 6 month process. They are so awesome! I felt my treatment was performed with the highest levels of quality and service. Beyond the treatment, what I absolutely love about Elegant Smiles is their entire staff. From the doctors to the assistants, to the front desk staff, from the moment I would enter the office, the staff was so welcoming and I was treated like family. My friends and family laugh at me because I keep saying how much I LOVE going to the dentist. It’s because I look forward to every visit and every time they call me for anything, it brings a smile to my face because they genuinely care and they are on top of it! I’m no longer in Las Vegas, but I want to do everything I can to time my cleanings and future treatments so that I can keep going to Elegant Smiles. Thank you for being so awesome!

V.M. Google

Such an amazing experience and customer service!!! Kayla in the front was very knowledgeable and personable!! Annie was great felt like I’ve known her forever! Dr. Huynh was amazing as well very patient and professional yet really gets to know each patient. The office was very clean and everything in it looked new and well kept.

T.M. Google

Las Vegas resident if you’re looking for a dentist call Kayla the reception is so kindly friendly Dr. Wynn is so amazing!! I move here and went for consultation and I told my family I found our family dentist Dr. Wynn made my family and myself feel like we’re back home at our family dentist she such a caring doctor she really cares about her patients she’s patient answers all questions that need stop looking and call Elegant Smiles you won’t be disappointed and you will have a beautiful smile along with pretty teeth..

T.B. Google

They truly have an amazing team here. Everyone was so nice and informative. They answered all my questions and made sure I felt no pain during my teeth cleaning. I had a cracked tooth and Dr. Huynh did a perfect job! She really pays attention to the finest details. I can’t thank Elegant smiles enough.

F.D. Google

A very pleasant dental experience. Dr. Aileen was phenomenal... she gave me my very first painless cleaning in years. She and her team were very attentive, informative, and kind!

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Clenching your jaw can cause discomfort and pain in a number of ways. NTI dental appliances are a safe option to diminish the sleepless nights caused by the negative symptoms of nocturnal jaw clenching. Specialized dental appliances from Elegant Smiles might also benefit the overall health of your mouth and ward off future issues. If this sounds like a solution to your worries or you are interested in learning more, contact our team in Las Vegas, NV to book a consult with our team.

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