Dental Emergency in Las Vegas -- Chipped Tooth Due to a Fall.

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Falling and chipping a front tooth is a pretty common accident that can be emotionally devastating. Fortunately, this patient was able to find Dr. Eileen Huynh who's favorite procedure is cosmetic bonding. Chipped teeth can be fixed by either cosmetic resin bonding or a porcelain veneer. Both take a dentist with a skilled and trained eye for cosmetics and skilled hands. Dr. Eileen Huynh will review which procedure is best for each individual situation. In this case, the white fracture lines were removed, and Dr. Eileen Huynh was able to rebuild the tooth using several different colors of composite resin and able to naturally hide the fact that it was ever broken. Our patient was smiling with relief from ear to ear when she left with her tooth whole again! Please click on the photos to view the entire photo.

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